MAJA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of de-rinding, membrane-skinning and automatic flake-ice machinery. It has at its disposal over 50 years' experience in the production of machines used by the meat processing industry.

The cornerstone of the company was laid back in 1925 in the South Baden town of Kehl-Goldscheuer. At that time, circular bone saws, knife sharpeners and machine for crushing ice were built. However, today's company was officially founded only in 1955.

Nowadays, MAJA is an ultra-modern, medium-sized family company with customers and partners all over the world.

The company - currently employing about 160 people - has now reached its third generation and is run by the brothers Reinhard and Joachim Schill, who control the marketing and technology divisions. They are supported by the managing director Berthold Gassmann, who takes responsibility for signing on behalf of MAJA-Maschinen's worldwide sales operation.

Thanks to the know-how gleaned from butchers' shops, the founders of the company developed patented processes for the de-rinding of meat parts, as well as MAJA's automatic fine ice machine system, which today enjoys world renown.

To begin with, MAJA's activities were concentrated in the area of meat processing operations. Nowadays, the fishing, bread and confectionery industries, as well as the catering trade and supermarkets, are also major elements.

Over 80,000 MAJA machines have now been installed worldwide!

MAJA is renowned for its quality, providing the user with a high level of efficiency and enormous benefits. The machines are popular due to their sturdiness, ease of handling and precise operation. Reliable, durable machines are now a must in a modern processing plant with often intricate and complex working processes.

Great store is set by product innovations. MAJA's technical staff are constantly seeking customer contact, so that together they can work out product solutions which are geared towards individual requirements and guarantee optimum use to the benefit of the customer.

Technology for the future. We are proud of this!



MAJA Model ESB 4434 for Skirt Steak (Tampiquena / Arrachera)

A compact automatic skinning/de-rinding (removes skin and membrane and slices meat) machine the ESB 4434 works well where space is a factor. Easy to operate, available with or without a discharge conveyor (ESB 4434/1) and it can be run automatically or, with removal of the conveyors and front work table in place, run manually. This allows for skinning and membrane removal of either flat product, in automatic mode or round product, in manual mode giving the customer versatility. Very commonly used for flat products such as small or export type bellies, fatback, jowls, plate meat, skirts and the like as the pressure roller automatically adjusts to the individual thickness of the piece of meat.

The ESB can also be used for horizontal slicing of belly for example for kebab production.

Technical Data

Type - ESB 4434
Cutting Width mm -- 4434
Width incl. Operating Lever mm -- 849
Depth w/ Sliding Sheet mm -- 1360
Depth w/ Discharge Conveyor Belt -- N/A
Height of Machine mm -- 1242
Electrical Connection-- 460 or 230v / 3ph / 60hz
Single speed with Dual Speed Optional - 1hp motor
Weight kg -- 235

Type - ESB4434/1
Cutting Width mm -- 4434
Width incl. Operating Lever mm -- 849
Depth w/ Sliding Sheet mm - N/A
Depth w/ Discharge Conveyor Belt -- 1757
Height of Machine mm -- 1242
Electrical Connection -- 460 or 230v / 3ph / 60hz
Single speed with Dual Speed Optional - 1hp motor
Weight kg - 250

* There is an extra charge for 2-speed execution

Maja Model BXM 554 and BXM 754 Conveyorized De-Rinding and Skinning Machine

The multi-purpose BXM 554 and 754 are suitable for de-rinding of thicker and flat meat cuts. The material to be de-drinded can be put on the infeed conveyor in unsorted positions. The product to be de-rinded is precisely introduced to the blade thanks to a newly developed pressure device that automatically lowers the infeed conveyor. With this innovation, an automatic cutting command is not necessary. All cuts are de-rinded or skinned with excellent results. For example pork shoulder with and without bones, slashed or unslashed pork jowls, salted, air-dried or smoked ham. The BXM - series is available in different variations. Solutions for meat slicing as well as fish and poultry skinning is available upon request.

Equipment and Features

  • For medium - sized and industrial meat processing plants and kebab processors
  • Without skin box support for trolleys and mincer carts (picture 1)
  • Plastic-link conveyor belt, provides for easier cleaning and less wear
  • No removal of the blade holder for blade changing and cleaning; changing and adjustment of the blade through a quick - locking device
  • Easy cleaning, creating much improved machine hygiene (underframe is sealed and closed from the bottom)


  • Removeable skin box support for EII / EIII standard boxes (picture 2)
  • Rind discharge belt
  • Suspended machine configurations
  • Air-filled pressure roller

Technical Data

BXM 554

Cutting Width (in) -- 21.8
Width w/ Adjustment Lever (in) -- 42.2
Depth w/ Horizontal Belt (in) -- 73.6
Height (in) -- 48.1
Electrical Connection -- 3ph/60Hz/460V 2.4 amp
Weight (lbs) -- 816

BXM 754

Cutting Width (in) -- 29.7
Width w/ Adjustment Lever (in) -- 47.9
Depth w/ Horizontal Belt (in) -- 73.6
Height (in) -- 48.1
Electrical Connection -- 3ph/60Hz/230V 4.8 amp
Weight (lbs) -- 882

Maja Model ESM 3550 and ESM 3550/1 Derinding and Defatting Machine

The Derinding Machine Type Maja ESM 3550 is the ideal solution for the manual derinding of round pieces of meat. With the Maja version ESM 3550/1 ham and shoulder can be defatted in the same operation: The additional installation (without tools) of the twin blade - holder allows separation of skin from fat and fat from meat - easy processing and increased yield!

Highlights of the ESM 3550 and ESM 3550/1 include:

  • Easy derinding of meat pieces with excellent result
  • Machine and working tables are manufactured in 3 mm (1/8 in.) stainless steel ( no plastics); no additional internal steel plates are necessary for strengthening
  • No removal of the blade - holder for blade changing and cleaning
  • Quick - locking system for easy blade adjustment
  • Blade - holder can be adjusted either on the right or on the left side of the machine (single operating lever)
  • Ideal cutting width
  • Special tooth roller shape
  • Different working tables for each special application, easy changing without any tools
  • Reduced depth of machine thanks to thought-out holding device for boxes
  • Excellent safety and hygiene; quick and easy cleaning including lower parts of the machine (closed ground panel)
  • Good access for maintenance

Technical Data

ESM 3550

Cutting Speed (ft/min) -- 72
Cutting width (in.) -- 21.8
Width (in.) -- 38.8
Depth (in.) -- 27.4
Height (in.) -- 38.9
Electrical Connection -- 3ph/60Hz/460V 2 amp
Weight (lbs.) -- 375

ESM 3550/1

Cutting Speed (ft/min) -- 72
Cutting Width (in) -- 21.8/20.9
Width (in) -- 38.8
Depth (in) -- 27.4
Height (in) -- 47.2 (approx)
Electrical Connection -- 3ph/60Hz/230V/4 amp
Weight (lbs) -- 386

Maja Model EVM 4006 Membrane Skinning Machine

As a result of Maja's many years of know-how in the field of membrane skinning, a high-performance and durable machine has been developed with the new EVM 4006. It meets the stringent requirements of the meat processing industry perfectly.

The EVM 4006 guarantees an excellent yield in the skinning of meat cuts from been, veal, pork, horse, game, lamb and poultry.

The EVM 4006 = Durability, Hygienic with an Elegant Design!

Equipment and Features

  • For industry and cutting plants
  • Power - saving skinning through the ergonomically designed working infeed table
  • Positioning of the membrane box can be either on the intermediate frame or bottom plate; possibility of membrane discharge by external conveyor
  • No removal of the blade - holder for blade changing and cleaning
  • Changing and adjustment of the blade through a quick-locking device; no blade adjustment lever at the lateral parts
  • No parts to be removed - neither for cleaning nor for blade changes, thus time saving
  • Made from 3 mm stainless steel for long durability

Technical Data

Cutting Width (in.) -- 21.8
Width (in.) -- 36.2
Depth (in.) -- 26.4
Height (in.) -- 40.2
Electrical Connection -- 3ph/60Hz/460V 2 amp
Air Consumption (cfm) -- 9.9
Weight (lbs) -- 474

Maja Model EVM 437 (Membrane Skinning Machine)
and Model AEM 438 (De-Rinding and Skinning Machine)

The Maja EVM 437 Skinning Machine and the Maja AEM 438 De-Rinding and Skinning Machine are invaluable aids to achieving an optimum finish.

Whether you need to remove the skin from beef, pork, veal, mutton or the membrane from liver or tongue, or the rind from various meat, ham and bacon - the Maja EVM 437 and the Maja AEM 438 are at your service!

Poultry and game pose no problems for these hightly versatile and easy-to-use machines.

The Maja EVM 437 and the Maja AEM 438 are hygienic in operation without using compressed air with the new Maja system: Skinning - Removing - Cleaning.

Like all Maja machines, the Maja EVM 437 and Maja AEM 438 are make of special stainless steel which guarantees not only long service and durability but the simplest possible cleaning of the machine.

The GS - approved safety precautions comply with the regulations set down by the butchers' association and enable operation of the machines by unskilled staff.

Technical Data

EVM 437

Cutting Speed (m/min) -- 25,5
Cutting Width (mm) -- 434
Width of Machine (mm) - 770
Height of Machine (mm) -- 980
Length of Machine (mm) -- 570
Power Required (kW) -- 0,75
Net Weight (kg) -- 115
Three Phase Current -- 220/380/50/3

AEM 438

Cutting Speed (m/mm) -- 15/30
Cutting Width (mm) -- 434
Width of Machine (mm) -- 770
Height of Machine (mm) -- 980
Length of Machine (mm) -- 570
Power Required (kW) -- 1,0/1,4
Net Weight (kg) -- 115
Three Phase Current -- 220/380/50/3

MAJA Flake Ice Maker

It isn't often that you come across a piece of equipment so well designed, it begs not to be noticed. It runs, quietly and consistently, day and night, invisibly. As transparent to your day-to-day operations as a water faucet.

That's the MAJA flake ice maker: the longest running, easiest to maintain ice machine made. It's the machine MAJA wants you to take for granted.

Of all mid-sized ice makers, MAJA is the only machine without an auger, grinder, bearings or other complex components to break down. It has in fact a single moving part: a slowly rotating drum that freezes water as it turns.

So reliable is MAJA flake ice technology that it's been the die-hard staple of supermarkets the world over for more than 50 years. Today, it's proving its effectiveness as a workhorse in the meat packing, fishing and produce industries.

When it comes to easy maintenance, reliability and long life, MAJA flake ice technology has no competitor. These machines are quite simply the best-designed ice makers in the world. They are easy to run and easy to maintain, making them good for any application. They work with any fluorocarbon refrigerant, with either fresh or salt water and install virtually anywhere.

Models range in configuration and capacity from 175 to 25,000 lbs per day. Each model shares the same simple and elegant design that makes them uniquely durable and long-lasting.

Machine Model Specifications

MACHINE CAPACITY (lbs/24hr) Size Weight (lbs) Electric Req'd Refrig Req'd Water Usage/Gal

200RVE 450 29X20X20 150 1/0.18 3750 btu/hr 2.25 p/hr
200SAP-H 450 45x30x24 350 8/1 n/a 2.25 p/hr
200SAP-V 450 30X20X40 350 8/1 n/a 2.25 p/hr
400RVE 1000 32.5x20x18.5 175 2/0.18 8000 btu/hr 5 p/hr
400SAP-H 1000 32.5x48x18.5 425 12/2 n/a 5 p/hr
400SAP-V 1000 32.5x32.5x36 425 12/2 n/a 5 p/hr
700RVE 2000 45X20X20 250 2/0.18 16,000 btu/hr 9 p/hr
700SAP-H 2000 45x56x25 600 18/3.8 n/a 9 p/h
700SAP-V 2000 45x32x51 600 18/3.8 n/a 9 p/h
1500RVE 7500 59x20x20 300 2/0.18 40,000 btu/hr 20 p/h
1500SAP-H 4000 60x60x26 750 25/8.5 n/a 20 p/h
1500SAP-V 4000 60x36x51 750 25/8.5 n/a 20 p/h
3100RVE 7500 54x24x24 475 3/0.375 75,000 btu/hr 40 p/h
3100SAP-H 7500 78x54x48 1200 40/15 n/a 40
3100SAP-V 7500 54x48x84 1200 40/15 n/a 40
6000RVE 12000 56x44x24 525 3/0.375 110,000 60
6000SAP-H 12000 120x72x66 2500 100/35 n/a 60
6000SAP-V 12000 120x72x96 2500 100/35 n/a 60
3100(2)SAP-H 15000 120x78x54 2500 120/35 n/a 80
3100(2)SAP-V 15000 120x72x93 2500 120/35 n/a 80

RVE= Evaporator Only
SAP = REV + Condenser
H = Horizontal Configuration
V = Vertical Configuration
Note: SAP water cooled units for marine use are smaller and customized for each application


This automatic vertical slicing machine is suitable for vertical slicing of boneless meat cuts from beef, veal, pork and poultry.

By putting the slices a second time on the infeed conveyor belt, equally sized meat strips can be produced for "Geschnetzeltes" and for gyros as an example.

Compared to other solutions, this easy and cost effective system can achieve consistent product with high output.

Key Features

  • Knive roller for vertical cutting of meat slices
  • Infeed and discharge conveyor belt
  • Operation sfety thanks to extended hood and safety cover on the discharge belt
  • Special safety handles for easy removal of the knive roller without risk of injury at cleaning and blade changes
  • Circular blades are available for different slice thickness
  • Optimum hygiene as parts to be cleaned can be easily removed
  • MAJA offers shaprening services for circular blades

Technical Data

  • Infeed Width (inches): 17.08"
  • Machine Width (inches): 29.84"
  • Machine Length w/ Infeed and Discharge
  • Conveyor (inches): 75.07"
  • Machine Height (inches): 50.43"
  • Electrical - 1 HP Motor: 230 or 460V, 3phase/60 Hz
  • Machine Weight (lbs): 617.4 lbs

MAJA Poultry Skinning Machines

MAJA offers for almost every kind of poultry parts the suitableskinning machine. With the conveyorized machines, equipped with infeed and discharge coveyor belts, the parts can be skinned fully automatically. The tender meat is processed very smoothly, without being damaged. The skinning thickness can be chosen individually.

GEA 3421

With integrated air and water cleaning device cleaning of the tooth roller through patented cleaning roller system;
for skinning of:

  • chicken breast fillet
  • chicken breast with bones
  • chicken legs
  • thigh and drumstick separately,
    with or without bones
  • boneless turkey wings
  • different pieces of game

Cutting Capacity: 25 m
Cutting Width: 499 mm
Machine Size (mm): 1799 (L) x 846 (W) x 1201 (H)
Electrical Connection: 3ac/50Hz/400 V 0.75
Weight: 235 kg

SBA 3420 G

With special blade holder cleaning system, thus high productivity (approx 2000 turkey breasts per hour);
for the skinning of turkey breast and turkey thigh.

Cutting Capacity: 25 min.
Cutting Width: 499 mm
Machine Dimensions (mm): 1914 (L) x 836 (W) x 1272 (H)
Electrical Connection: 3ac/50Hz/400V, 0.75
Weight: 245 kg

EVM 437 G

Manual skinning machine for turkey wings with bones and chicken carcase without wings and legs

Cutting Capacity: 15 min.
Cutting Width: 434 mm
Machine Dimensions (mm): 770 (L) x 770 (W) x 980 (H)
Electrical Connection: 34ac/50Hz/400v, 0.75
Weight: 115 kg